What is new for smartphones in 2018?

At the end of a year marked by the rise of the screens edge to board and the artificial intelligence,
the year 2018 will see again Apple, Samsung, LG and others competing of advertisements to impose
their smartphones in a market in full effervescence.

After a year, 2017 dominated by the release of the iPhone X, what will the world of telephony for the
next twelve months? In terms of innovation, previous months have focused on several trends such as
“borderless” screens, artificial intelligence embedded in processors, facial recognition in 3D and
augmented reality.

The next few weeks should see some of these features, hitherto reserved for the most upmarket
models, gradually infuse other segments of the market and become more affordable to the
consumer, such as the Full HD screen, the fingerprint reader and the double photo sensor in the past.

What is new for smartphones in 2018?

What is new for smartphones in 2018?

In the product segment, the same players should once again compete with ads and marketing
devices to impose their models in a booming market, populated by references ever more numerous
and close to each other.

The most anticipated launches this year will be those of the new Galaxy at the end of February and
the iPhone at the beginning of autumn. In between, Huawei, Nokia, LG, OnePlus, Google, HTC and
others will try to show their difference and gain some market share with the latest generations of
their flagships.

1 – The Sony Xperia XZ 2

After several generations of Xperia rectangular and angular design, Sony is expected in 2018 on the
niche of screens without edges. Accustomed to present a new version of its high-end smartphone at
the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (held this year from January 7 to 12), the Japanese
brand could unveil the Xperia XZ 2 which a user published have December a photo on Reddit that
would show the technical characteristics of the device.

According to this note, it would be a Oled Edge-to-Edge smartphone of just under 5.5 inches
compatible with 4K. The other information concerns the presence of the latest Qualcomm processor,
Snapdragon 845, which would mean that Samsung has not managed to get the exclusivity for the
launch of its next Galaxy S9, as in previous years.

2 – The Nokia 9

Marketed under the Nokia brand by the Finnish startup HMD Global, the Nokia 9 could open the ball
at the end of January.

Spotted in the inventory of the Federal Commission for American Communications, the device should
benefit from a Snapdragon 835 chip, an LG 5.5 inches Ole-lined screen, a dual photo sensor 12 and
13 mpx on the back and 128GB of storage. It should evolve on Android 8 Oreo and benefit from the
November 2017 security updates.

3 – The Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung is expected to launch its new flagship between late-February and March. After a successful
Galaxy S8, the S9 should not overhaul its immersive design articulated around a curved “borderless”
screen on the edges.

The first images that leaked in the trade press show a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device,
which would mean that Samsung still has not managed to integrate it effectively under the screen.

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