Download ADB Fastboot for Yooz PhonePad 701W

Download ADB Fastboot for Yooz   PhonePad 701W
On this page, you can download all latest ADB and Fastboot zip files. You will learn How to Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows, Mac and Linux. If you want to install a custom ROM and kernel’s, you must download ADB and Fastboot on your Windows. A lot of Android users want use different firmware’s, and root their Yooz PhonePad 701W. First of all, you need to unlock bootloader and you must need to install ADB and fastboot drivers

ADB Introduction

ADB is stands for "Android Debug Bridge", it is a small debug tool that you will find in Android Software Development Kit (SDK). You can control your Yooz PhonePad 701W from the computer with ADB using USB. It is basically a command line tool that does the communication between your Android device and a computer. You can also transfer files using powerful shell commands.

Fastboot Introduction

ADB, Fastboot is also a part of Android Software Development Kit (SDK). With Fastboot tool, you can modify reflashing partition and image zip files, recovery, and updates from a computer using a USB connection.

Download ADB, Fastboot – Android SDK Platform Tools

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       Download ADB – Android Platform Tool for Windows

       Download ADB – Android Platform Tool for Mac

       Download ADB – Android Platform Tool for Linux

Read Me: There are a lot of other sources provide you ADB and Fastboot tools. But it is always good if you download them from the trusted official sources websites. On this pge, you can download these tools for Windows, MAC, and Linux.