Character attributes in The My Summer Car And guide, tips

On this page of the My Summer Car Guide, we give an explanation for the attributes that describe your man or woman. You will discover ways to care for them so they do now not develop into a red stripe of hazard. We describe all the possibilities of dropping a hero’s existence, and we’re going to inform you what to do to stay alive for so long as viable.

In My Summer Car, your hero is not a hard, hardy, durable Viking, but a as a substitute fragile individual who’s quickly stressed, worn-out and gets thirsty all the time. Fortunately, it is summer time and also you don’t need to fear about the cold. However, you need to preserve an eye on different attributes, because they can purpose side results or maybe can result in the loss of life of your individual. Attributes and their modern stage can be observed inside the higher left nook of the display. The contemporary day of the week is continually shown above them. You can flip them on or off with the aid of urgent F2.

List of attributes:

  1. Thirst;
  2. Hunger;
  3. Stress;
  4. Urine;
  5. Fatigue;
  6. Dirtiness;
  7. Money.

Most of them increase to the crimson price with out visible indication or a warning as much as the level of two hundred%, so in any case of emergency country or caution circumstance, you’ve got some time to react. You may not continually see the attribute bar decrease without delay, e.G. Whilst an object has a one-time percent impact that is lots smaller than a hundred%. For example, consuming a bottle of beer you will reduce the hero’s strain via three%. If the entire pressure degree is 120%, the pink bar will disappear only after 7 bottles of beer were inebriated.

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